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    Cathedral of the Jesuits

    • Luzern, Switzerland
    • Cathedral of the Jesuits$$
    • +41 240 31 33
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    • Cathedral of the Jesuits - the first cathedral in Switzerland, created in the Baroque style. This church looks luxurious, both outside and inside.

      The interior of the cathedral was created mainly in the late XVII century. The central nave and the choir here represent a single space, which adjoin the side of the room. The church is illuminated through numerous windows that let in light the Cathedral from the top down, which creates a special atmosphere here. Altar of the church is decorated with red marble. The cathedral has a chapel of St. Claus, where there is a statue of the Holy and saved his attire.

      Jesuit Church operates and is available for visits to this day. Through its excellent acoustics during major holidays cathedral is used as a concert hall.

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