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    Monument "Dying Lion"

    • Luzern, Switzerland
    • Monument "Dying Lion"$$
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      August 10, 1792, King Louis XVI came under siege in his palace of the Tuileries. His troops betrayed the head and went over to the people, the king guarded the only true palace guard, consisting of the Swiss Guards. Louis, not wanting to harm his people, forbidden to shoot those that are close wax rebels and thus condemned to death hundreds of Swiss.

      Carl Pfyuffer happily escaped death through the rest, was deeply shocked by the sad fate of his comrades and decided to perpetuate the memory of the fallen soldiers. In 1918, began raising funds for the monument (the contribution made even Russian royal family). Bas-relief, carved into the rock, depicts a dying lion, his body covering the shield with the arms of Switzerland and France.

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