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    Glacier Garden

    • Luzern, Switzerland
    • Glacier Garden$$
    • +41 041 410 43 40
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      Visitors to the museum created by nature itself, be able to see the stages of the historical development of the land from the era of the last ice age to the Mesozoic era, when there lapping warm sea and palm trees grew. Ice cave is a geological phenomenon, allows you to see the imprints of petrified palm leaves and fossil shells. This part of the Ice Garden is called "glacial mills" that demonstrate the principle of formation of caves: large stones, scrolls in tala water seems mills gradually cutting into the soil.

      The museum was opened in 1872 on the site of the glacier, which survived the last ice age, which covered the earth 20 thousand. Years ago. Here you can see shells 20,000,000 years ago. There is a view, represents models of the Alps.

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